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Our electronic engineers emanate expertise and excellence through every phase of the system integration

Your Embedded Competitive Edge

Unified’s embedded solutions are one of our most powerful service offerings. The expertise and excellence our electronic engineers emanate through every phase of the product development system integration. From front-end to back-end we take care of it all as we design and deliver a high-performance solution for your company.

Cots Hardware Integrated with Custom Firmware

We provide a wide range of services from COTS (commercial off-the shelf) hardware integrated with custom firmware development. You might find yourself in a situation where a packaged solution is either not available, is too expensive or doesn’t meet your requirements. This is where our custom firmware development delivers exactly what your organization needs. We have deployed numerous effective mission critical applications and have become exceedingly efficient at it.

Seamless System Integration

We have an intimate understanding of systems integration. Our software engineers are experts at testing system components and merging their technical and functional characteristics into a comprehensive and interoperable system, no matter what platform of technologies are in use. In effect, Unified’s agile team becomes your A-Team. We like to take on big, challenging projects and have helped numerous companies and government bodies with our embedded solutions.