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The right systems let you perform better than your competitors.
And better than you ever did previously.

Web Development

Our well-thought-out systems improve your business processes and increase productivity. Whether it’s streamlining the day-to-day business.

Mobile App Development

We not only develop incredible mobile apps for your business but smoothly and expertly integrate them with your system/s and services.

Embedded Solutions

Our ace engineers provide a range of services from COTS hardware integrated with custom firmware development.


Your Partner for Custom Business Apps

From product development, design, native development, QA, and ongoing support, we specialize in all phases of the project lifecycle. After years and over 40 projects, we have a proven track record in designing and developing innovative web, mobile and embedded products that are better, faster, and more cost-effective than our competitors.

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Transforming the world with Great Code and Design! We create apps for Web, Mobile and IoT


We bring together brand, UX, and technology with a human-centred approach.


We care deeply about craft and work with brands who understand the importance of investing in design.


Rooted in technology and engineering, we’re hard-wired to prototype, build and measure results.


We help make your users feel important with innovative storytelling and brand narrative.

Brands that trust Unified Data

We shape ideas into products!

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