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We provide a full-service strategy, design, and development service

Developing your success, one system at a time…

Businesses are run by systems as much as they are run by people. Unified Data’s web development helps streamline the systems side of your business. With technology and automation becoming increasingly crucial to business success, Unified’s first-rate web development services are one of the soundest investments you can make.

Overcome challenges of the Digital Age

With the power of our applications, you can boost productivity and efficiency across your organization. From managing day-to-day business tasks to solving complex business problems, our web applications do a lot to empower its users.

Superior Customization

Our web applications are your applications. While we offer COTS systems that work in many cases, we are also experts at designing and building a high personalized web-based enterprise application. So if you’re looking for a software company that knows how to create a system that’s truly built for your organization, you’ve found it.

We take the time (not too much) to understand your business and then work closely with you to design, develop and deliver an application that transforms your business for the better.

Seamless, Secure, Scalable

From the initial specification phase to prototyping, we deliver seamless services that strengthen your processes. We have considerable experience working in the Marine and Defence sector, which has improved our capability to design robust, secure systems. Our enterprise-grade systems stand the test of time and scale easily with your business as it grows.