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The Production Information Management System has been developed for Transnet Dredging Services. The application contains two modules. One for field work, i.e. to be used onboard the vessels and a back office administration module to be used in the office environment.

The field module is referred to as the Log Book Application since it is used for capturing of activities during shifts. The approval of these activities also takes place on this application. This replaces the paper-based Log Sheet that had been used in the environment.

The back office administration application is used by the system administrator, super user, services manager and project managers. Information on dredge masters, engineers, crew, ports, areas, vessels, projects, campaigns and cycle rates are all captured and maintained in this application

  • Easy to use layout
  • Adding Users
  • Operational Management Tools
  • Generating Reports based on logbook activities and/or future planning
  • Separate interfaces for different system role models